Sven Horn – Long Distance Healing

Since 2010 I am a student of Peter Marchand and learned under him the technique of of spiritual healing from Kedar Upreti in Nepal. I am also allowed to do long distance healing. The procedure here is the same like in a healing on site, since we work with chakras and in the spiritual world are no distances. I had already a lot of remarkable results with people in long distance healing and looking forward to meet and help you.

Spiritual healing works through rituals, kundalini energy and help from the spiritual world. This technique has been perfected over centuries in Nepal and works through the spiritual connection to a person. This is the approach in spiritual healing to support a holistic healing process on the level of the energy body, karma and soul with the sending of positive energy and dissolution of blockages. I learned this technique from my teachers Peter Marchand and Kedar Upreti from Nepal. It is a traditional method which only a few students are allowed to perform.

My teachers in spiritual healing

Peter Marchand
Kedar Upreti

An illness or emotional imbalance may have its origin in an imbalance on another level: The physical, mental and or spiritual levels affect each other. However, if the condition becomes chronic, then the imbalance spreads to all levels. Eliminating the original cause alone may then not be enough to eliminate the disease, and only a holistic approach to all levels of our being can bring the desired result.

Alinne da Silva
Alinne da Silva
Ich bin mit Sven in Kontakt gekommen nachdem ich Hilfe gesucht habe da es mir seit Monaten mental richtig schlecht ging. Zudem hatte ich Schmerzen im unteren Rücken die trotz vielen Arzt-und Chiropraktiker besuchen nicht weggegangen sind. Nach einem wirklich tollen Gespräch mit ihm hat er die Heilung vollzogen und seitdem sind alle meine Beschwerden weg. Er ist eine unheimlich nette Person....ich würde mich zu jeder Zeit nochmal von ihm behandeln lassen.Nochmals vielen Dank lieber Sven ✨✨✨
Maria Plyutto
Maria Plyutto
Sybil Vanparys
Sybil Vanparys
I had the pleasure to receive a Sjamanic healing by Sven. My initial complaints were PTSD, burnout and physical pains in my whole body due to my emotional condition.Already the day after I received Sven's healing, I noticed that energy was flowing much better through my body. Very quickly afterwards, I felt my mind getting much calmer, my head seamed to have released the "overload with thoughts ". I started having many positive thoughts again. I got able again to enjoy the moment, got able to stop thinking about all the things I need to do. At moments I was'nt even being aware of what was going on around me ... it had been years since I didn't (allow me to) feel this free and relaxed, here it came very naturally. The pressure in my head has disappeared. I tended to have many moments "off" where I didn't remember what my thoughts or feelings were, nowadays this doesn't accur anymore.Overall I feel and perceive different positive changes physically and mentally since Sven's sjananic healing. I feel no more physical pain due to my PTSD or burnout condition. I feel more relaxation in my muscles. My mind has calmed down and I perceive positive thoughts and feelings of happiness. This shamanic healing is truly successful for me🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻RAM RAM RAM

Spiritual healing is not an exact science with a guaranteed outcome, but successful results are often achieved with certain physical and mental/emotional problems:

  • Mental/mental: excessive anger, habitual anxiety, depression and manic depression, nervousness, sleeping problems, anorexia and bulimia, burnout, chronic fatigue, schizophrenia, strange visions, hearing voices, recurrent nightmares, alcohol and other addictions, meditation and concentration problems, etc….
  • Physical: headaches, nerve pain (neuralgia), back pain, skin problems, digestive problems, dizziness, nausea, palpitations, etc…

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